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Best Practices

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Table of Contents:



Purpose of this "Best Practices" page:

This page is a place to examine and share best practices as they apply more specifically to World Language Education, but not to the exclusion of other content areas.



What do we mean by strategies and Best Practices?

  • Framing the term as it applies to Best Practices
  • Strategies refer to how you teach something
  • "A shorthand emblem of serious, thoughtful, informed, responsible, state-of-the-art teaching." (Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde vi)


Research-Based Strategies:

  • similarities vs. differences
  • classify information
  • higher order thinking skills
  • summarizing, note-taking
  • learning styles
  • learning groups
  • positive reinforcement
  • set objectives
  • provide feedback
  • advance organizers
  • small-group activities
    • partner reading
    • peer response and editing
    • literature circles
    • study teams
    • group investigations
    • centers
  • Reading as Thinking
  • representing-to-learn
  • classroom workshop
  • authentic experiences
  • reflective assessment
  • Integrative Units




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