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Here's a list of acronyms and terms (by no means exhaustive) related to RtI, Differentiation, Multiple Intelligences, and Best Practices:


Best Practices - a techniques, methid, process, activity, incentive or reward believed to be most effective. 

Differentiation - providing "different avenues to acquiring content, to processing or making sense of ideas, and to developing products so that each student can learn effectively" (Tomlinson, 1).

CBI - Classroom-Based Intervention, problem solving; individualized research-based intervnetions geared toward the individual student (Tier 1).

CBM - Curriculum-Based Measures

DIBELS - Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy

Multiple Intelligences - Theory proposed by Howard Gardner describing the wide variety of human abilities.

Stand-Alone Intervention - Standard protocol; group intervention practices/programs based on scientifically valid instructional practices. (Tier II)

RtI - Response to intervention





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